Sunday, October 31, 2010

Helping My Clients Helps ME!

Ever notice how it's MUCH EASIER to find a solution for the problems other people have than to find solutions to your own?

I know that's true for me.

I recently realized something about that (again) though.

When I do that thing, where I think 'say, what about this for__________' I need to also think to myself 'and how can I put that to use for myself in MY business?' and immediately implement that.

It's a good plan in so many ways. You demonstrate to your client how that works and you get the benefit of your own best advice. It IS your idea after all!

The OTHER way you might get that is to find a community or some kind of support network of people willing to do that for YOU as well!

If it doesn't already come naturally to you, be sure to give as well, to continue the process for everyone.

If you are at a loss on how to find such a group, just do a search or go on meetup to see who's out there doing what and go find your support community!

Happy Halloween!

Pam Hoffman

Monday, October 25, 2010

Video Marketing

There is a great deal of talk & work on video marketing. Perhaps I'm the only one... I prefer text on a page. It gives me more options.

I can scan it.

I can read it thoroughly.

I can Random Access the info.

I can SPEED read it (check out spreed).

With video, I must sit there.

And watch everything, so I don't miss something important!

In the order someone else dictates. I can't fast forward typically. It won't give me searchable information for my site...

Moral of this post?

Use video in moderation and CERTAINLY include text in your posts & pages as someone else out there may just hate video and never even see what you have to offer!

I have heard that some very well known internet marketers tried video alone.. and learned the hard way.

You must include some text in your Internet Marketing.

Pam Hoffman