Friday, September 17, 2010

Interesting That Peta Would Use a PREDATOR in Their Advertising!

Or "What's the REAL Message Here?"

Just found this:

And it made me wonder yet again about advertising. What is the message you are REALLY sending?

I have a vice when I'm watching television these days... I watch the commercials for the REAL messages they send.

I'll see something, oh I know what they are TRYING to say, and all I can think is 'our customers are idiots and deserve to be (fill in the blank)' is the REAL message coming to me from that ad!

And now I'm seeing them online too apparently. *sigh*

Yes, they can be funny and yes they stand out - is that the REAL message that advertiser is getting across though?

What about YOU? What are YOU really telling your clients & customers - you know, the same ones you'd like to do business with?

Just wondering,

Pam Hoffman

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