Monday, November 8, 2010

Facebook Business page

Are you on Facebook? How about your BUSINESS?!?

Here's a poll I found (link below) demonstrating why you might want to consider building a FB business page:

Link to Seriously Free Stuff.

This is a great place to attract people to your business! You want to do some very specific things there; and it's not selling!

Think of your FB business page as your living room during a party where you invited guests to your house (heard that analogy on a teleseminar, I forget who was speaking, sorry).

This FB page is a place to tell your stories, to have conversations and OCCASIONALLY talk about your business and direct people to your main business site. Just like it might happen at a party in your living room.

This is valuable VRE (virtual real estate) so be sure to capitalize on it!

Pam Hoffman

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

As Seen On...

Has your business been on TV? Is there an article about your or your business out there somewhere?

Public Relations is a very important tool for you. What about after that article or TV bit has run?

Put it on your website!

These things are important to chronicle for your new and existing customers to know about.

I just found out about a new group: AllCity Chamber

They work a little differently so you probably want to check them out.

They mentioned something at the Irvine, CA meeting earlier this evening that reminded me of this aspect of your business. You want to display these important 'as seen on..' type of things.

Here's my member certificate:

I'll be adding it to the sidebar for all to see. You can click on that image and go right over to the AllCity Chamber website.

See you there!

Pam Hoffman