Monday, November 8, 2010

Facebook Business page

Are you on Facebook? How about your BUSINESS?!?

Here's a poll I found (link below) demonstrating why you might want to consider building a FB business page:

Link to Seriously Free Stuff.

This is a great place to attract people to your business! You want to do some very specific things there; and it's not selling!

Think of your FB business page as your living room during a party where you invited guests to your house (heard that analogy on a teleseminar, I forget who was speaking, sorry).

This FB page is a place to tell your stories, to have conversations and OCCASIONALLY talk about your business and direct people to your main business site. Just like it might happen at a party in your living room.

This is valuable VRE (virtual real estate) so be sure to capitalize on it!

Pam Hoffman

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