Monday, October 25, 2010

Video Marketing

There is a great deal of talk & work on video marketing. Perhaps I'm the only one... I prefer text on a page. It gives me more options.

I can scan it.

I can read it thoroughly.

I can Random Access the info.

I can SPEED read it (check out spreed).

With video, I must sit there.

And watch everything, so I don't miss something important!

In the order someone else dictates. I can't fast forward typically. It won't give me searchable information for my site...

Moral of this post?

Use video in moderation and CERTAINLY include text in your posts & pages as someone else out there may just hate video and never even see what you have to offer!

I have heard that some very well known internet marketers tried video alone.. and learned the hard way.

You must include some text in your Internet Marketing.

Pam Hoffman

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